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Free VoIP News - Up to date listings of free communications services including free voip phone, free faxing and wireless services.

Popular Voip Blogs - Scan the most popular Voip blogs for up to the minute key information on new services and information including latest posts from DSLReports and Voxilla.

Free VoIP Providers - Many free Broadband Phone Service companies offer free calling to over 40 countries around the world. Some require a small cash deposit, others limit call length.

Send a Free Fax - With the free services available today, you do not need a fax machine. Send a free fax directly from your computer or your browser. Many enable you to fax existing documents directly (.doc, .pdf, txt, etc).

Send a Free SMS - Listing of several web based providers where you can send a free SMS text message directly from your browser. Some require no registration. Instant delivery.

International Callback - Providers that offer free and discount callback services. Trigger a phone to phone call directly from your computer at the lowest rates possible. Calls can be triggered directly from the web, via email or sms message.

Free Virtual Phone Number - Link your existing broadband phone service to a phone number in most continents around the world. Many numbers in the US and UK are free.

Free Wireless Phone Tools - Read your voicemail messages on your cell phone, use your cell phone to update your appointments and reminders. Many free services.

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